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Life's Waiting to Begin

Image of Life's Waiting to Begin



A.R. Longo writes a touching and heartfelt story of his life growing up with handicaps. This heartwarming story will introduce you to Tony and how he as a child and young man, who lives with CP and hearing loss daily, has to defend himself against bullies and work at becoming a young man that others will accept. He shares secrets into his life as they relate to his love for music and his need for acceptance. Tony’s journey takes him to the present… where his life is waiting to begin.


“I have known Tony since birth. I have always admired his desire to be an accomplished writer, and it is evident in his candid story of his life. It is a great read for all.” – Dr. Thomas R. Duncan, Cornelius, North Carolina.

“I have been privileged to actually read some of Tony’s early screenplays. He captures the very essence of fiction and realism rolled into a great read!” – T.J. White, Stunt Coordinator/CEO of T-Minus Productions, Los Angeles, California.

“I was at the hospital the day Tony was born . . . from this small baby fighting for his life to the young man he has grown in to is a gift as he shares his candid life story with all to enjoy and learn from.” Robert W. Boykin, CEO of The Boykin Group, Naples, Florida.



Format: 6 x 9 paperback white, 114 pages

Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jul 07, 2011)

ISBN10: 1432775804

ISBN13: 9781432775803

Genre: Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs


Author and screenwriter, A. R. Longo, better known as Tony to friends and family, is a talented 23 year old who was born with cerebral palsy and hearing loss. His hopes and dreams are driven by perseverance and strength, which he relies on during some difficult and challenging times growing up.